FairWinder: Erica Whitty

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Hailing from Ireland, Erica joined FairWind around 2015.

How did you become a Blade Technician?

I originally worked in oil and gas, but wanted to do something more green. My primary role was rope access inspections, so the transition to being a rope/blade technician was natural. I only had to acquire some blade repair training.

What do you like most about being a Technician?

Travel – I absolutely love to travel!

I used to sit on an oil rig in the middle of the North Sea. But in the wind industry I’ve worked all over Europe, Turkey, and the United States.

I also like the seasonal nature of the work. I can be outdoors in the summer working, and then have time off in winter for myself or to go snowboarding.

Other than travel, is there anything special about being a Technician?

When in the field, you have to solve your own problems. Yes, in FairWind we have wonderful back-end support from the office. When they send out a van to the site, everything is there, and if you need something – they will do everything to get it to you.

But as a Blade Technician, you often face challenges where you must take the initiative and find a solution, right there on the spot.

What is it like working in a heavily male industry?

I grew up in a fishing family, meaning I was around men all the time. Our father didn’t care that we were girls, we had to go fishing with him!

So this is something I am used to. Honestly, I haven’t felt like being a woman has disadvantaged me or been an obstacle in any way in the wind energy industry.

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