FairWind possesses solid experience within repair and inspections of blades.

Our dedicated Blades Department and highly specialized technicians are here to help with your blade repair and inspection needs.

FairWind is capable of mounting and retrofitting aerodynamic enhancing components on the blades as well as performing superficial and complex structural repair work.

Blade inspection

Condition monitoring and reporting
According to your requirements, inspections can be performed using drones or via rope access

Mounting of aerodynamic modifications and upgrades

FairWind possesses vast experience of retrofitting aerodynamic enhancing components on numerous blade types

Repair and painting of blade damage

Restoration and measurement of lightning protection systems
Competencies to repair complex structural blade damages

qualified team

Blade repair and modification demands some of the most experienced and specialized experts in the wind industry. You can count on FairWind’s proven pool of blade technicians to handle even the most complex tasks.

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