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With experience working in more than 40 countries and a pool of over 1500 experienced technicians, FairWind is the natural choice for one-stop installation and service solutions for onshore and offshore wind turbine projects around the globe.


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FairWind prioritizes employee development and invests in training programs and professional development opportunities. Due to FairWind I’ve meet a lot of colleagues and created a friendships, which leads to a decision to relocate with my family to Szczecin.

Marcin Kryzel

Head of Engineering and Execution

FairWind has transformed my career trajectory entirely, propelling me from an inexperienced assistant to the role of HR Business Partner Service over 7.5 years. Witnessing the company's dynamic expansion has paralleled my own professional growth, with each shift serving not just as a challenge but also as a chance to ascend higher. I remain fueled by curiosity, eagerly anticipating the next phase of my development journey at FairWind. FairWind is not only a great place but also home to amazing people.

Agnieszka Kostrzewska-Słupna

HR Business Partner Service

The supportive environment at FairWind fosters a spirit of knowledge sharing and teamwork. Here, I'm constantly learning from my colleagues' expertise, and they learn from mine. It's a dynamic environment where we can freely exchange ideas and brainstorm innovative solutions together. There's always something new to learn in the wind industry, from emerging technologies to evolving regulations.

Anna Paszkiewicz-Kamionka

Travel Manager