All “FairWinders” are grateful for the external acknowledgement of our vision and strategy through the numerous awards we have received over the years.

While some of our most cherished accolades are among the hundreds of awards and certificates we have received on projects from our customers and partners, especially for matters involving safety, here we list just a few of the most recent prestigious prizes we have received over the years:


“Best Managed Companies” by Deloitte 2023

FairWind has been awarded the Deloitte “Best Managed Companies” for the second year in a row!

This award recognizes the achievements of strong privately owned businesses based on their strategic direction, execution capabilities, corporate culture, and financial performance. As part of the award, the jury highlighted that:
☞ We have a strong and robust strategy and roadmap for the future.
☞ We are dedicated to our responsibility to educate and develop the best technicians for the wind industry.
☞ We provide an operational model that brings value to not only our customers but the wind industry as a whole.
☞ We have a continuous focus on building a better business.


“Best Managed Companies” by Deloitte 2022
Best Managed Companies is a program to recognize privately owned and controlled companies setting the highest standards of business performance.

The Best Managed Companies program is currently taking place in 25 countries all over the world – and more countries will join in the years to come. The designation is a symbol of excellence and a source of pride for outstanding private companies. Here, FairWind has been awarded on our performance within strategy, capabilities, commitment, and financials. Especially our dedication and performance in bringing technicians into the global wind market was highlighted and praised by Deloitte and the independent jury.


Børsen Gazelle 2018
Prize awarded for continuous remarkable growth

One of 2099 companies in Denmark, which, over the course of the past four years, have doubled their revenue with growth every year,
along with having a profit at least three of those four years.


Global Procurement Supplier Award ”Site Works”

A prize given to FairWind on the basis of our general performance, and which primarily should be seen as an affirmation of the way we work on-site and the procedures our technicians are following in FairWind.


General Electric 2017
Outstanding Commitment to Quality & Performance

A prize only awarded to a few of GE’s many international suppliers, and which acknowledges both the quality of FairWind’s operations as well as FairWind’s position in the market. FairWind was awarded the prize in 2017, only 3 years after commencing business with GE, which underlines the rapid market penetration of FairWind and our competitive strategy and product offering.



Forbes Diamond 2017
Acknowledging FairWind’s financial stability

Winner of the category medium-sized companies in the West Pomeranian Province in Poland, and ranked 23 across the whole of Poland.
The prize is awarded to the companies having had the biggest increase in their market capitalisation during the course of a 3 year period.



Vestas 2016
Best Safety Performance

A prize acknowledging FairWind’s dedication to safety in the industry and the different installation sites we are working on, along with our effort in further increasing the safety in the future. The prize is only awarded to 3 of Vestas’ more than 40 global suppliers which have performed extraordinarily on the safety-KPIs given by Vestas, and which have generally put an extra effort into safety.



SGRE 2016
Best Provider of Blade Solutions

A prize acknowledging FairWind’s offerings within servicing of wind turbine blades, as well as our market position within service. Despite service, and especially servicing of blades, is not yet a part of our core business, it is an area of increasing focus in FairWind, and this prize is certainly acknowledging our effort and focus within the area.



Gazele Biznesu 2016 & 2015
Prize awarded for continous dynamic development

Most growing company in in the West Pomeranian Province in Poland, and ranked 79 nationally in 2015. The year after, FairWind was likewise awarded and ranked in the top of the list. The award is given to companies, which, over the course of 3 years, have experienced growth in the revenue every year, have had a profit every year, as well as having had a revenue between PLN 3 million and 200 million in the first of the 3 years, equal to a revenue between DKK 5 million and 350 million.