FairWind prioritizes safety awareness among our technicians and staff by delivering frequent, consistent, and impactful messaging.

Safety campaigns at FairWind go beyond mere appearances; they serve as genuine instruments aimed at reducing injuries and enhancing working conditions, whether on-site or off-site.

This is an ongoing campaign to spread awareness about and proactively taking steps to decrease the most common accidents in the construction industry.



Even in the high-altitude world of the wind industry, driving is one of the most hazardous tasks we carry out.

In 2019 FairWind started a new, coordinated initiative to tackle unsafe driving practices. This includes actions such as weekly information bulletins on vehicle safety and increased speed monitoring of our vehicles via GPS.

The pinnacle of this campaign was the “Arrive Alive” video, meant to hit our personnel where it mattered – in their hearts.

This video puts the viewer in the shoes of a FairWind wind turbine technician, walking and interacting in actual office and project environments.
Watch the video now to find out how one decision can change your entire life.



FairWind has implemented an Incentive program for employees and contractors within the FairWind Group. This program aims to recognize and encourage the positive commitment of individuals who report any situations deemed unsafe or uncertain.