FairWind Celebrates International Women’s Day 2022

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FairWind Women 2022

Women are a key part of our organization – as well as the whole wind industry!

That is why, for this International Women’s Day, FairWind is celebrating by highlighting some of the many strong women that power our company through a series of profiles, highlighting their history and performance for FairWind.

Magdalena Radomska
Head of Legal and Compliance

Magda has been with FairWind for over a decade and now heads the Legal Department out of our office in Poland.

I joined FairWind around 12 years ago when the company only had about 10 white collar staff worldwide and 40 technicians, compared to over 200 staff and 1300 technicians today. I was actually the one to establish the Polish legal entity, working with only three other girls at the time. Things were so new back then, that even my title wasn’t defined – I found out what it was when I received my first business cards!

Before FairWind, I worked as a lawyer in a regular law firm. That meant going to court and fighting legal cases, often involving family disputes. You can earn a lot of money that way, but it wasn’t interesting work compared to FairWind.

At FairWind work is like a shot of adrenaline, every day filled with exciting new challenges and journeys!’

Kathryn Kes
Finance Manager
North America

Kathyrn, born and raised in Florida in the United States, is currently the Finance and Accounting Manager for FairWind – North America.

The wind industry is part of a growing field that is accelerating in the global energy economy. With policies and climate goals taking the main stage in politics and social discussion, it’s no wonder that in 2020 the US Department of Energy reported record growth in land-based wind energy, with no signs of stopping. I joined the wind industry because of the clear movement the world is making towards clean energy.

My favorite part of my job is the people. Without the people of this organization, it would be impossible for FairWind to move forward and progress as much as it has.

Justyna Mościpan
Project Coordinator
Central Europe

Justyna is a Project Coordinator from Poland who has worked on some of FairWind’s biggest projects.

On big projects you sometimes have several people sharing responsibility, but ultimately as a Project Coordinator you take full responsibility for the entire project. You have to learn to deal with stress. The situation on-site is very dynamic, with last-minute changes and emergencies you have to deal with.

What I really like about the job is that it’s task-based and independent. There are deadlines, but you have to decide how and when to complete those tasks, acting almost as a free agent. What’s great about this is that you really see the results that come from your efforts. If you put in a lot of time into your tasks, you see that on the project and it motivates you.

Also, I always loved to travel – and not just on vacation, but for work. That’s one of the reasons why I applied to become part of FairWind!

Simona Moisescu
HR Business Partner
Southern Europe & South America

Simona, originally born and raised in Romania, is now an HR Business Partner at our Madrid Office in Spain.

I don´t know if I have a favorite part of my job, I just LOVE MY JOB... maybe that sounds like a cliché or the famous #lovemyjob but I honestly do.

My urge to overcome challenges brought me to FairWind. Already 7 months here and I’m happy and proud to be part of this team. FairWind has a great reputation as a leader in the industry, is a great company and like everything else that is great, there is always room for improvement and development.

So, this is my place. Every day I have the opportunity to grow professionally and as a person, working with a smart and creative team, and a challenging industry.

Would you like to join our team and work with these amazing women?

Apply here: https://fairwind.com/job-openings