FairWinder: Paweł Bielusiak

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Paweł started with FairWind as a technician eight years ago!

He advanced in the ranks from Team Leader to Installation Coordinator, before ending up in the Execution and Quality department as an Installation Manager. Last year he acquired the new title of Project Manager in FairWind’s NCE (North-Central Europe) regional organization.

Can you say something about your latest role and how you feel about it?

I never imagined I would advance so far. When I started, I honestly never aspired to acquire such a title.

Having said that, it means a lot to me that my work over the years has been appreciated and recognized by FairWind and its management. Admittedly, I had both times that I fell and times when I rose, but overall my career development here has always trended up.

That’s something I really value about FairWind: that it’s truly an organization where you develop yourself personally and professionally – I’m a perfect example of that!

What did you do before FairWind?

I worked in a factory in southern Poland in the Śląsk (Silesian) region helping produce mining equipment. Then I ended up in Italy as a platform operator for heavy equipment, but I was actually fired by my stupidity!

This was a tremendous failure that impacted me deeply, but it gave me an important life lesson. I matured a lot thanks to this, because it motivated me to gave 100% of myself in my next job when I joined FairWind.

I feel this attitude has served me well here, to always give my all.

Project Eekerpolder in Holland, where Paweł was Project Manager. Photo Dorota Martuś

How does your new role differ from your previous?

In Execution & Quality I had to support all the projects of a given client. I had contact with many technicians, analyzed all documents related to these projects, and even took part in the preparing of offers for new projects. Site visits and audits were a regular part of the job.

But now as a Project Manager I have fewer projects but am completely focused on them alone. I keep total control of a project, maintaining constant contact with technicians, site management, and even the client to make sure that the projects are being executed successfully.

How have your previous roles prepared you for this?

My advantage is that I have an understanding of how the project works from the technical point of view, from my time as a technician, to the commercial aspect based on what I learned in Execution & Quality. Thanks to this I can work more independently. I’m comfortable working with project documentation, and then putting on my PPE and getting dirty on-site when I need to.

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