FairWind Receives Award from Enercon for Best Supplier – Site Works

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FairWind was invited for the first time to the ENERCON Lieferantentag 2017 (Supplier Day) on August 18th, 2017.

Over 50 main suppliers were invited to Aurich, Germany, a diverse group that included everyone from raw material suppliers for the Enercon turbine component production, to installation companies at the end of the supply-chain.

Throughout the day Enercon presented the direction their organization will be heading, with a strong emphasis on a partnership model going forward. We look forward to this, as this course is in line with FairWind’s global strategy of close cooperation with our partners.

For the very first time in history Enercon introduced and handed out Supplier Awards in different categories, such as: development; production; quality; global procurement; and site works

FairWind received the first-ever award for best supplier for “Site Works” from Enercon at the event.

FairWind was praised by Enercon for the structured growth with them in a very short period of time, fair and open discussions in the sales phase, global presence and excellent performance on the job in new countries and on challenging sites.

“I am very proud of the entire FairWind organization and the fact that all of our work and effort is being recognized and appreciated. We meet and exceed our customer expectation, and that is great to see happening, each and every time,” said Arjen Vergunst, FairWind’s Head of Sales Onshore.