FairWind Joins Siemens for Turbine Pilot Project

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FairWind technicians helped Siemens in designing and installing a new type of turbine, the 3.3 DD, at a project site in Damme, Germany.

We assisted Siemens in developing best practices for installation and service of the new turbines, and even cooperated with the engineers who built the turbine to better its design.

A history of partnership

The project required a lot of experience, and FairWind took advantage of its long history of cooperation with Siemens to make it a success.

We have previously worked with Siemens and other OEMs on such pilot projects. Technicians at Damme from both companies knew each other and had worked before, resulting in fruitful cooperation.

Thanks to our experience and extensive scope, FairWind is uniquely positioned to offer specialized solutions for projects like these.

New turbine ensures future pipeline for FairWind

Because our technicians were closely involved in the development of the design, installation, and service of the new turbine, FairWind will be a natural partner for projects involving the 3.3 DD when it comes to market later this year.