FairWind Signs Frame Agreement Contract With Siemens Wind Power With an Expected Volume of More Than 20 Million Euros

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FairWind is happy and proud to announce that on Tuesday, the 10th of January, 2017 we signed a two-year frame agreement contract with Siemens Wind Power, covering installation of wind turbines in the European, African and Middle Eastern regions.

The scope FairWind delivers is, among others; manpower, tools, pre-service, pre-commission, and cranes. In several countries we deliver full office and accommodation facilities. The services FairWind shall deliver within the contract are fully in alignment with the strategy of FairWind.

FairWind – a global one-stop supplier

It is a clear ambition for FairWind to be a global one-stop supplier of our services. Year by year, we are getting closer to our goal. This new contract is an important milestone on that journey.

Since our founding in 2008, FairWind has developed rapidly. In early 2009 we began our cooperation with Siemens. Today, our cooperation has developed into a partnership business, with a long term perspective and close daily cooperation.

A very strong pipeline of projects and a stable job situation 

In recent months FairWind has signed a massive amount of frame agreements, most of them with a duration of two years, and a guaranteed minimum of activities. With the latest agreement, signed with Siemens, FairWind already holds a very solid order-pipeline of more than 100 million euro in total for 2017 and 2018.

This is a unique position for us as a company and our entire staff and suppliers. By having such a solid pipeline of activities, we can focus on improvements, further strategic initiatives, and secure solid cooperation with our customers as well as a solid future for our dedicated employees and partners.

Academy and Training Center to be opened in April

To support our growth, we will establish a high level academy in the city of Szczecin. On the 1st of April, we expect to open a GWO-approved training center, and shortly thereafter, it will be followed by multiple wind business specific trainings, such as QHSE, service, trouble shooting, tools and equipment usage and maintenance, project management and many more.

By establishing our academy, we will strongly support our ambition of delivering the same safety, quality, and performance, at any job, anywhere in the world.