FairWind Helps Santa Deliver Presents to Children’s Home

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FairWind helped Santa Claus to give presents over to needy children at the Children’s Home in Tanowo, Poland.

FairWind has been sponsoring the home for years, and as tradition, every year the children write letters to Santa asking for presents.

Because we are a global organization, we were quickly able to help Santa deliver the gifts and also provide some entertainment for the kids. The children played competitive games, and even had a dance with Santa on the DJ booth.

“Once again we had the opportunity to visit the Children’s Home in Tanowo,” said Agnieszka Pawlukiewicz, Finance Director.

“Especially during the holiday season, we try our best to fulfill the modest dreams of these children. On one hand, this experience is always very humbling for us – but at the same time, we cannot help but be filled with incredible joy when we see the happiness on the faces of the children.

“We would like to say a special ‘THANK YOU’ to those of you who helped us with this: Paulina Karyba, Andrzej Sienko, Eliza Eliasz, and Monika Konieczna.

“This was possible thanks to your involvement and empathy.”