FairWind Completes Installation at Kangnas in South Africa

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On March 16th, 2020 FairWind completed erection of 61 wind turbines at Kangnas wind farm in South Africa.

The wind farm will provide 500 GWh each year derived from Siemens SWT-2.3-108 wind turbine generators each capable of producing 2.3 megawatts.

“Despite many challenges and difficulties, we were able to complete the installation almost three weeks before  schedule,” said Mariusz Mierzejewski, Process Improvement Manager.

“I would like to thank FairWind installation and the Johnson Crane Hire teams. Once again, we showed that by working together, we can do everything. Many thanks also to the whole Siemens Gamesa Renweable Energy team for their understanding and help in every situation.”

Beginning in July, the project was completed in parallel to Perdakraal, where another 48 wind turbines have been installed as of March 24th (UPDATED).

While initial erection has been completed, other works continue on-site.

Local South African technicians were used extensively during the project, with FairWind recruiting and training local workers.

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FairWind previously completed installation of 61 Siemens wind turbines at Khobab in 2018 and another 61 at Leoreisfontein in 2017.

The wind turbine solutions provider has been involved in South Africa from early in its history, establishing a legal entity and office there in 2013.

FairWind is a leading provider of wind turbine installation and service solutions throughout the world. Founded in 2008, we have worked in over 40 countries and cooperate with more than 1500 technicians and staff to manage our customers’ projects globally.