FairWind Completes Challenging Gearbox Exchange in South Africa

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FairWind proves once again it is one of the leading comprehensive service providers in the wind industry, performing a demanding gearbox exchange for Vestas in Noblesfontein, South Africa.

We tapped our global resources to quickly bring a team of expert technicians and secure a crane to the remote site in South Africa.

FairWind positioned to satisfy unique service demands

The task was difficult from a technical and logistical point of view. Few players, especially in the less mature South African market, have the capability to meet such a service challenge on such short notice.

Vestas praised our team for their professionalism and proactive attitude as they performed a gearbox exchange on the V100 wind turbine. They removed the old gearbox, installed a new one, and prepared the old one for transport.

FairWind was able to complete the project in spite of severe logistical difficulties, with the site located 45 minutes away from the closest shop and hours to the nearest city. Once again we proved the value of our comprehensive, one-stop solution mentality and customer-centric focus in meeting the demands of any service project, no matter the difficulty.