Manpower Planning Assistant

Location Szczecin, Poland
Job Type Office Worker
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This position is perfect for you if:

✓ You want to start a career in the wind turbine industry;
✓ You like to work with people;
✓ You want to improve your English skills by working in an English-speaking team on a daily basis;
✓ You like when each day at work brings you new challenges;
✓ You like planning and you are able to predict possible consequences of your actions.

What will you learn at this position:

✓ How to secure the wind turbine preassembly Projects and offshore vessel works in terms of human resources;
✓ How does the wind farm construction process looks like;
✓ How to plan in a long and short-term system;
✓ How to manage documents in the field of human resources and manage information in databases;
✓ How to prepare reports for Management;
✓ How to work effectively in a crossfunctional organization.

What are the requirements:

✓ Good level of English language skills (minimum B2);
✓ Good Excel knowledge;
✓ Ability to work in a rapidly changing environment;
✓ Ability to attend business trips and work occasionally in odd hours;
✓ Perceptiveness, attention to detail and the ability to think analytically;
✓ Ability to prioritize activities, short-term and long-term planning and work under time pressure;
✓ Problem-solving skills and the ability to look for non-standard solutions and reconcile conflicting interests.

What do we offer:

✓ Stable employment;
✓ Employee onboarding, introduction to work in your position;
✓ A professional team that will share their knowledge and experience with you;
✓ The beginning of a career in attractive wind industry, business trips abroad;
✓ Space for creativity;
✓ Benefits: Luxmed, Multisport, group insurance.

FairWind, Szczecin Dąbie,
ul. Pomorska 42.

If you are interested

If you have any questions feel free to call the Competence Centre at: +48 91 462 62 02