FairWinder: Simon Maestre

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Simon supports FairWind’s regional unit for Southern Europe and South America from our office in Barcelona, Spain.

You have made quite an international journey in your life. What did that look like?

I was born in Venezuela, but moved to Oklahoma in the United States at five years old. That’s where I really grew up. After college I had to move back to Venezuela for a while, but that wasn’t for me – I jumped at the chance to go to Barcelona when my uncle invited me to help him with his restaurant there.

What do you like the most about living in Barcelona?

There is an emphasis on culture, especially compared to where I came from. People from all over the world live in Barcelona.

It’s really eye-opening to be exposed to so many cultures.

How did you join FairWind?

I actually took on a number of different jobs in Europe, including being a marketing manager for baby products, and even traveling for a while. When I was contacted by FairWind, I thought this could be cool, because they are doing something good for the planet.

FairWind technician’s video from our project in Spain

What does your work look like?

We have a small office in Barcelona, where I mostly work with our HR & Payroll Specialist. So my work includes a little bit of everything. Because of this, FairWind gave me a lot of independence, but also a lot of responsibility.

I help where I’m needed. For example, right now I’m filling out a report from a project I visited in Norway, even though I’m usually involved in projects here in Spain.

What is it like to visit a wind turbine installation project?

It is very fulfilling, because you get to see why you are doing what you are doing in the office.

The meat of the work is on-site.

I also spoke to a lot of technicians and got feedback from them.

I feel this is so important, that I think everyone should have the same opportunity to visit a project and talk to the people on-site.

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